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Event organisers, Mercator Media are pleased to announce that the dates for the 12th Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition, Awards and Conference will be 13-15 September 2017. Following feedback from the 2014 exhibitor survey, and meetings with the exhibition’s advisory board these dates fall on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to meet exhibitor wishes.

Dubbed IceFish, the Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition and Awards celebrated its 30th anniversary since the event began during the 2014 exhibition, which was the 11th in the series and has seen the exhibition more than double in size over the past decade, with visitor attendance increasing by 12% to 15,219 compared with the previous event in 2011.

A must for all commercial fisheries organisations and associated businesses, the three year cycle of the show is a direct response to the wishes of the exhibiting companies, as it ensures they have new products on display at each event.

In addition to the exhibition itself, an Awards ceremony recognizes and rewards excellence within the Icelandic and international commercial fishing industries, plus the 2nd IceFish Conference will also run alongside the event, focusing on ‘Fish Waste for Profit’ it will address the issues and techniques of how to utilise the entire fish, maximise returns and provide insights into organisations already involved in the process.
Entitled “Fish Waste for Profit – Maximising Return: Utilising the Entire Fish” The inaugural Icelandic Fisheries Conference addressed and promoted innovation through the complete utilisation of all seafood.

Entitled “Fish Waste for Profit – Maximising Return: Utilising the Entire Fish”, the inaugural Icelandic Fisheries Conference will address and promote innovation through the complete utilisation of all seafood.

The Icelandic Fisheries Conference is aimed at organisations looking to maximise ROI from their seafood products, and who wish to discover new innovations and industry insights whilst developing relations with key industry stakeholders.

The following sessions were included:

  • Wild demersal species: In Cod We Trust
    An innovative session from the companies who are using this technology today to adapt the manufacturing and processing lines to maximise return by utilising the entire fish with no wastage.
  • Inventing Cod
    Icelanders have become pioneers in inventing new ways to utilize the nation’s most economically important fish species, cod. In a few decades, value creation in cod production has risen dramatically with the advent of new products and markets. Utilization of byproducts has increased 30-fold and export value has grown by a factor of 4. But businesses keep exploring new opportunities in generating value from fish and some believe this is only the beginning. This presentation will delve deeper in to the possibilities of fish recycling and demonstrate current wastage in the industry.
  • Biotechnology/Bioactivity – Producing marketable products
  • Mechanism technology – Innovation for a nation
  • Making more value from the catch – New screening opportunities
  • Wild Pelagic
    This session will address how wild pelagic can join the fish waste revolution.
  • Feed to food
  • Current and future developments in food processing equipment
  • High quality fish oil and protein products
  • Cultivated species
    This session will finish the one day conference by looking at cultivated and farmed species and
    how they too can provide ROI for processors and catchers.
  • Responsible processing of Salmon
    This presentation will explore Marine Harvest’s minimum waste policy and how it is met, looking at parts of the fish not used in the filleting and value added processes – which contain valuable nutrients – which are then offered as specialist products such as mince, salmon meal and frozen block product. An overview over utilization of rest raw material from salmon (aquaculture), pelagic and whitefish fisheries in Norway.


The 2014 conference programme is available online here

To book a place at the conference please visit the Delegate Bookings page



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